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The Brothers

The Brothers

It all started in 1979, when brothers John & George Kashou of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, founded Peta Bakeries. What began as a humble bakery later grew into Kangaroo Brands, Inc., a leading supplier of specialty breads and North America’s largest manufacturer of private label pita chips.

In 2013, Sandwich Bros. of Wisconsin was born and now provides you with really…really tasty® flatbread pocket sandwiches.

In 2018, Kangaroo Brands, Inc., was purchased by Conagra Brands, Inc., and operates under the company name Sandwich Bros. of Wisconsin.

The Sandwiches

The Sandwiches

Sandwich Bros. of Wisconsin® is one of the fastest-growing retail sandwich brands in the United States, according to recent Nielsen reports. It is the sister brand to Kangaroo Pocket Bread®, Salad Pockets®, and other Kangaroo specialty breads.

Our sandwiches are handcrafted with fresh-baked flatbread pockets and premium ingredients like whole eggs, Jones® all-natural sausage, 100% Angus beef, all-white chicken, and real American cheese. Sandwich Bros. uses local Wisconsin meats and cheese.

These sandwiches are delicious, wholesome, and the perfect size for snacks and light meals. Everyone in the family loves ’em, from kids to grandparents. Just one bite and you’ll understand why people say, “They’re really….really tasty!”

Check out the really tasty Breakfast Sandwiches and delicious Snack Sandwiches.

Today, Sandwich Bros. of Wisconsin, makers of Sandwich Bros. and Kangaroo Breads, remains a spunky bakery and sandwich manufacturing company that strives for consistent quality while offering the best value for your money. Check out the Kangaroo Breads website to see how the Sandwich Bros. got their start.

* Sandwich Bros. of Wisconsin is a registered trademark of Conagra Brands, Inc. Kangaroo Brands, Inc., was purchased by Conagra in 2018 and now goes by the company name Sandwich Bros. of Wisconsin.